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I weep for my lost baby. It was such a terrible idea to come here to Glastenning. Duty, what is that…duty? It was my duty as queen to make state visits. Who made it my duty? Some long past tradition that no longer matters? Why, oh why, did we come here? It was dangerous enough travelling to Dumnonia with all the raids from the Jotunns. But here…a trial perhaps as I dislike my sister Marvaanagh, but never dangerous, never putting my own baby at risk.

Donella where are you? Who has you? Your daddy went out searching, but where to begin? Where to look?

It was the most stupid thing to do leaving Donella with a strange nursemaid while we attended the state banquet. She only popped out for moment to fetch some milk. How long is a moment…a minute…five…ten? A moment was long enough to steal a one-year-old baby and spirit her away. Why was she taken? I can only think that it is because she is the heir to my own realm of Wiltunscire, and that a reward will be sought for her return.

I have to admit Marvaanagh has been strong, sending out her guards to help look, searching the castle and grounds, the island. But there’s something about this whole thing that worries me. How did someone take the baby past all the guards? This island, the isle of Avallach is not big. Whoever took her away arrived and left by boat. Something is not right about that. And now…now these rumours. An informant came to Marvaanagh a short while ago with news. Marvaanagh kindly paid for the information out of her own purse, a large amount of gold by all accounts. The rumours say that Donella has been taken to Ynys Is…the isle of ice! How can this be? Why? Whoever took her there will freeze forever and so will my poor darling, my little one. And there are so many islands in Glastenning to take her too. Why this one? Perhaps these baby snatchers do not know of the dangers that lay there. It is in a secret location perfect for hiding someone, someone small, if the dangers were not known about, so that would be good reason I suppose. Stupid, stupid people.

Now my dear husband Edmwnd prepares to leave to intercept these…these…fiends before it is too late. He has seen a map, a map to Ynys Is stolen from the spriggans of Dumnonia. We did not question from whence this came, or how it came to be in my sister’s possession…time to think about it later. And as for me, I must make haste, for I must go too. I will insist on it. I cannot bear the waiting, cannot be here alone…

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