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blackthorn_in_bloom_by_harrisons_forge-d5gpv89Blackthorn, Folklore and Reading:-)

The blackthorn tree is thornier than the hawthorn. And while the hawthorn is a tree which brings luck, the blackthorn has more negative connotations. The branches are dense and it makes a good hedge of protection to guard boundaries of property. The flowers appear first with this tree bringing beauty to the dark winter, and make it easily distinguishable from the hawthorn. The wood has been used for many things including the Irish shillelagh (used to fight) and magic wands, making it a magical tree. The blackthorn fruit (the sloe) is used in cooking and to make sloe gin, my mother used to make this every year.

The blackthorn is representative of the waning moon and year but when the first signs of spring appear, blackthorn is there to brighten us with its blossom, suggesting it is more representative of the waning moon and waning year leading up to the New Moon and spring.

As with the hawthorn, the blackthorn is a sacred faery tree. The Irish tribe of faeries the Lunantishee, guard the blackthorn, and it is unlucky to cut a branch from it on either May 11th, or November 11th. If you do so, misfortune will ensue. The blackthorn is a possible protection tree of a faery portal, especially if you find it close to the oak or ash trees.
In faery tales the blackthorn appears as the impenetrable hedge or thicket around the castle where Sleeping Beauty lays sleeping. All those who try to pass through it are caught up and lose their lives, except of course the handsome prince who only manages it after the hundred years of curse has passed. Sleeping Beauty was doomed to die but the curse was lessened in its severity by the good Faery Godmother.

The Blackthorn Wand in a Reading

The blackthorn tree indicates a thorny time in your life as it is earth with fire, which could mean passion and a fiery intensity is involved. However, it is not all doom and gloom as spring follows winter and a new and magical moon will soon appear. In the meantime, weather the storm and try to calm the situation and not react so passionately. Sit it out until spring comes and try not to get too agitated. Outside influences could be causing the problem. Someone or something is literally being a thorn in your side. Yet, the thorn is also protective and you can use it to your own advantage.


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