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The full power of the freezing water crashed into them, knocking them off their feet, snatching Tara’s breath away. She managed to hook one arm around the handrail, trying her best to hold onto Lucy with the other. As one side of the bridge collapsed, Lucy’s feet scrabbled to keep a footing, but she slipped down the wooden planks. 

Tara lost her grip, but managed to grab Lucy’s hand as she held it out. She was left dangling over the water.

‘I can’t hold on, Tara. Don’t let me fall! Please don’t let go!’ Lucy begged, her hand beginning to slip from Tara’s. 

There was no time to think. ‘No, I won’t let you go, Lucy.’ With that, Tara let go of the handrail and they plunged together into the raging torrent.

Tara realises there is something strange about herself when every time she goes into water her fingers begin to web and legs feel funny. But then her sister Niamh is a changeling, a fairy child exchanged for a human child ten years before. Now it’s time for Niamh to return to her own world, and Tara and friends, Lucy and Jared, intend to go with her.

Kid Lit Review

…The Changeling Quest is an adventurous story that will engage its audience, causing rapidly turning pages and open books until the last page has been read.  There would seem to be much violence in this story but the author has wisely chosen her words making those scenes less violent than they probably should be.  No one is going to suffer nightmares from reading this imaginative fantasy of two divided families getting a chance to reunite their members and understand their history. 

Goodreads Review 

…I really enjoyed this story. The scenery was amazing, the descriptions of the castles, and the dresses. It was all so enchanting, I felt. In the Otherworld things are not what they seem, and that was a huge part of the plot; the excitement of finding out the mysteries. Although I didn’t figure out the secrets ahead of time, I enjoyed the unraveling of the secrets. I was at the edge of seat a lot in this story and I can’t wait for the next one, I’m sure it will also knock my socks off. 

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Please note: this book has English UK spelling (realise not realize, colour not color and so forth)

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Publication date: March 2013
978-1-78099-405-5 Paperback (210PP) £5.99  |  $9.95 

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The Cauldron of Imbasmor

Book 2 – Children of the Fae