Blackthorn, Folklore and Reading:-) The blackthorn tree is thornier than the hawthorn. And while the hawthorn is a tree which brings luck, the blackthorn has more negative connotations. The branches.

The Bean Sidhe

The Bean Sidhe (or Banshee) Artwork by gothica248 at at Deviant Art. I have spoken to a few people about faeries and without exception they all mentioned the Bean Sidhe.

The Folklore of the Rowan Tree

The Rowan Tree The rowan tree is also called the Mountain Ash even though it is not a member of the ash family and is a favourite tree of.

The Magical Fairy Hawthorn Tree

One of the main fairy or faery trees, is the hawthorn. There are other names for the hawthorn such as mayflower or mayblossom and my mother used.

10 Tips for Writing for Children

1) Don’t talk down to children. Always write from a child’s perspective, but not baby talk either. Keep the language simple but to suit the age range. Words.

Queen Anya’s Blog

I weep for my lost baby. It was such a terrible idea to come here to Glastenning. Duty, what is that...duty? It was my duty as queen to.

Zalen’s Blog

I stood staring at my brother’s bruised and battered body, I had just pulled from the bushes. My heart has been ripped from me, I should have stopped.

Mawgan’s Blog

‘Please mother. Please may I go with them.’

‘No Mawgan, you are too young,’ my mother said in reply. The look of concern, which crossed her features,.

Tara’s Blog

The sun was shining, a lovely hot morning after days of rain, and we were off to Dorset to the beach. Even Mum had come along, and Lucy,.

Donella’s Blog

I look out of the window onto the outer ward. I can just see the edge of the pen where Stag is held. I do not know why.