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Maria 5Maria Moloney is the author of five non-fiction books under her pseudonym, including a book on faeries, as well as currently writing her children’s fiction series. She is a teacher of creative writing, writer, publisher, publicist, and editor. After writing for many years, she decided to study for a degree in Imaginative Writing and Literature, and went on to study both Writing and Research at postgraduate level. As a mother of five, stepmother of four and grandmother of five lovely granddaughters, Maria has had plenty of children to practice her writing on. Born in Liverpool and brought up on the Wirral, she travelled around England and Europe for many years and currently lives in Ireland. Maria’s love of Ireland as well as the mystical areas of Wiltshire, Somerset, Cornwall and Wales, led to her using these magical places as settings for her book series, Children of the Fae. An interest in myth and folklore has provided her with ample material for the adventures of Tara, Niamh and co, in the Otherworld realms.

Book Signings at Waterstones Bookshops 

Waterstones Chester  – Saturday 30th March2013, 12 noon until 2 pm

Waterstones Birkenhead – Monday 1st April 2013, 12 noon until 2 pm

Waterstones Liverpool One – Tuesday 2nd April 2013, 12 noon until 2 pm

Waterstones Preston – Wednesday 4th April 2013, from 11 am

Waterstones Manchester Trafford Centre -Thursday 4th April 2013, 12 noon until 2 pm

Waterstones Lancaster – Friday 5th April 2013, 1 pm until 2.30 pm

Waterstones Manchester Arndale Centre – Saturday 6th April 2013, 2 pm until 4 pm

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